Decoding Meteor Satellite Images – The fast way SDR sharp plugin

This is a faster method for decoding the Meteor satellites than the old way I’ve been using previously.

Ensure you have SDR sharp installed and setup on Windows 7 or later.

Download the plugin which is from here: (might want to google translate the page  – click the a-z in your address bar if using chrome).


Extract archive and edit Plugins.xml

Then copy the contents of the zip archive to your SDR# directory and edit your SDR# Plugins.xml file and add the ‘magic line’ that should be included in a txt file in the zip archive. Mine looked like:

<add key="Meteor" value="SDRSharp.Meteor.MeteorPlugin,SDRSharp.Meteor" />


Now when you open SDR# you will see a new panel on the left – you can now click demodulate and then write to start recording your meteor satellite file.

This file can then be displayed using a copy of the LRPTofflineDecoder, available here:  or

This method is a lot faster than the slower way previously posted. I’d be interested in seeing other people’s images if anyone would like to share theirs?

3 thoughts on “Decoding Meteor Satellite Images – The fast way SDR sharp plugin”

  1. Hi Hope you can advise me on this. Have used SDRplay with the TCP socket for real time decoding. Worked great. Now have downloaded SDRUno and have pulled most of my hair out trying to find a way to locate a TCP socket for it.

    Does it exist? Jeff ve3ak

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Unfortunately I’ve not actually used SDRplay before, only really used SDR# myself so I’m not much help on this!

      I hope you manage to find an answer.

      If I find any info I’ll let you know.


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